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PT. Marvelo Titan Indopak (Banten, Indonesia)

PT. Marvelo Titan Indopak is a company engaged in the plastic industry. By using advanced technology and environmentally friendly, our plastic factory produces various kinds of plastic packaging that can be tailored to your needs with the type of material:
1. OPP Plastics
2. PP Plastic
3. PE Plastics
4. Plastic HD
5. Plastic CPP
We produce PP plastic and OPP plastic in plastic packing form or plastic bag with various specifications and variations as needed.
The specifications and variations we provide are:
1. Variation of bag size and thickness
2. Variations of mold or plain (manual print is a hand-screen printing and printing using a machine called rotogravure).
3. Variation of shape like: side sealing, clothes hanger, header, seal + lips, gusset, 3 side seal, center seal, shopping bag.
4. Variation of materials of various types of materials for single layer or multiple layers.
We provide almost all plastic packaging on the market, from single layer products to multi layer products. We would like to provide the best service according to our experience in PP plastic processing and OPP plastic. We will help utilize special PPP plastic polypropylene PP and OPP plastic for quality packaging that will add quality and your products. You can consult with us to determine the type of packaging you need.

We are in the area of ​​75 Blocks of Warehousing Complex. K No. 1. Dadap Tangerang, Indonesia
For questions or reservations please contact us.


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