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Specification of Plastic Oval Calvin Klein

Plastic Oval is a high polymer compounds were printed in sheets that have different thicknesses. The main material is plastic resin maker, whether natural (resins, oleoresin, turpentine) or synthetic (polyethylene, polypropylene, poly vinyl chloride). To improve the properties of plastics can be added other ingredients such as filler, plasticizer, lubricant, anti-oxidants, dyestuff, and so on.

This type of plastic wrapper easily available and highly flexible use. In addition to direct packing foodstuff, often used as a coating paper. Plastic is often used in the packaging industry because it has their advantages, among others:
• Protect the contents well, elements of protection is a function of packing ..
• Lightweight (less transportation costs).
• Not easily broken, thereby reducing the risk factors and losses during storage and transportation.
• Can be given a color to suit taste.
• Can be made many different forms.
• Can diprinting.
• Has resistance to corrosion, weather conditions and various types of chemicals.

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