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Oxium Plastic Environmentally Friendly
Oxium Plastic Environmentally Friendly
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Plastic packaging materials for Oxium Environmentally friendly

Plastic packaging material Oxium is a plastic product that is added Oxium. Oxium is an additive that can accelerate the process of plastic degradation within 2 years through oxidation, thermal, and photodegradation. Color The problem of plastic waste is not new and has not even been resolved to date, and tends to worsen. In several major cities. Thus what must be done now is to speed up the process of decomposition of plastics, which initially thousands of years old can be shorter.
In Oxium-tech plastic packaging, the degradation process occurs in two stages, namely oxidation and biodegradation. In the oxidation phase with the help of heat, sunlight, other pressures that occur in nature, the plastic hydrocarbon molecular chains and chemical very long experience a break so that the density of the plastic also drops dramatically. This degradation is very different from fragmentation, where fragmentation only happens physically.

After the oxidation stage occurs, the plastic is no longer plastic but becomes a natural particle that can be eaten by microbes. Microbes will eat and process plastic that has been oxidized to the biodegradation stage so that it becomes CO2, H2O and biomass. The remaining biomass has been tested for eating worms, growing tomato plants, also in water and has proven to be non-toxic.

PT. Marvelo Titan Indopak is a plastic industry factory, where we can produce plastic packaging with Oxium technology that is environmentally friendly, adjusted to your needs, the photos shown are the results of our production namely COTTON INK plastic packaging for more information can contact us.

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