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PT. Marvelo Titan Indopak

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IDR 3250000.00

Specification of

Sell Plastic Fruit Roll Ready Stock available with size:
Uk: 25 x 38
Uk: 30 x 45
Uk: 35 x 40

Weight 1 roll = 2 kg

Min order qty = 50 roll / +/- 100 kg
1 carton = 12 roll / 24 kg
Price of plastic fruit roll Rp.65,000 / roll or Rp.780,000 / box

PT. Marvelo Titan Indopak is a Plastic Factory We provide almost all plastic packaging on the market, ranging from single layer products to multi layer products, which can be tailored to your needs. We want to provide the best service in accordance with our experience in plastic processing.
For more information contact us on the number listed, WhatsApp number available

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