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OPP plastic material

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24 May 2024
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Plastic PP
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OPP plastic packaging material

OPP plastic (oriented polystyrene) is a type of plastic that is also with glass plastic, has a stiff, clear, odorless nature.

There are 2 types of OPP plastic:

OPP plastic without glue

Many industries that use them can easily be found OPP / glass plastic packaging for bread / bakery wrappers, garment / convection industry, lolly candy, parcel wrappers, birthday gifts, pinch accessories, tea packaging and many more. Usually use OPP plastic type without glue / non seal and thicker than OPP plastic that uses glue.

OPP plastic / glass plastic without glue, there are also shaped bags with plain welding sides, but there are also sewing / gassete edge welds, so it is stronger, not easily broken / torn on its side.

OPP plastic without glue there are very many sizes and are traded in units of weight or kilograms. In addition there is also OPP plastic roll / meter which is commonly used for parcel parcel packaging that commonly uses a width of 1meter also there are 1.2meter.

OPP plastic glue

Usually used for wrapping clothes, the most common convection used for wrapping invitation OPP plastic glue is usually thicker thinner than those without glue. OPP plastic glue is packed in packs per 1 pack contents of 100 sheets, min order 50,000 sheets

Functions and uses of OPP Plastic

OPP plastic has the characteristics of a high vertical sense of transparency, stickiness from the edge of the folded side and banding on the opening by monolithic OPP. Sticky seals can fully show the nature and characteristics of internal products.

OPP plastic bags are used to package sales of goods, both play a protective role to play to enhance the sense of value of the product. Company promotion.

OPP applies to various plastic bags used in clothing, food, printing, electronics, stationery, toys, cutlery, knitting, clothing, jewelry, stationery, gifts, paper, magazines, electronic products, household products and other areas of packages the sale.

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