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plastic garment material PP

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21 Sep 2021
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50000 pcs
Plastic PP

Specification of plastic garment material PP

Plastic Garment League Clothes PP Plastic material
PT. Marvelo Titan Indopak is a plastic factory. We produce various kinds of plastic packaging that can be adjusted to your needs, we already produce plastic Garment packaging with quality materials. examples of our production work include: Zalora Plastics, Adidas Plastics, League Plastics.

We provide almost all plastic packaging on the market, from single layer products to multi layer products. We want to provide the best service in accordance with our experience in processing PP plastic and OPP plastic. We will help utilize pp polypropylene especially PP plastic and OPP plastic to make quality packaging that will add quality and value to your product.

minimum order is 300 kg / 50,000 pcs

You can consult in advance with us to determine the type of packaging that you need.
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